Our Mission:

Equitable Food Access.

We work to provide expanded access to fresh, quality foods in the Tulsa area. Via our mobile and micro grocery stores, we actively combat food deserts, transforming them in to oases.


Our Mission

To enhance the health of northeast Oklahoma through food-based community revitalization.

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Our Vision

To change the way Tulsa eats.


Looking for our Mobile Store?

R&G Family Grocers is a mobile grocery store that brings fresh food to food desert areas in Tulsa.



Our Impact


HCSI has worked since 2014 to expand access to quality foods and to provide access equity to our community.

Our impact is made by cultivating partnerships, providing access via our mobile and micro grocery stores, connecting with our neighbors through community outreach, and advocating for policy change to support healthy communities.

In 2018, we served 17,700 people through our mobile and micro grocery stores. We were able to provide our customers with $45,000 worth of free fresh fruits and vegetables, thus impacting their health and eating habits.



Weekly Mobile Store Stops

Serving Tulsa area food deserts and areas of low-access.



Years Serving communities

Thanks to the support of Tulsans from all walks of life, we have been able to serve food insecure communities for the past 5 years.



Thousand Customers reached in 2018

Through expanded access to fresh, quality foods.


Our Programs

Our programming tackles issues all across the food supply chain. From the farm, to distribution, to retail access, and finally food reclamation, our solutions work to address the barriers that produce a system whose end product is inaccessible for so many.

Good food is a necessity for personal, and community health.


Mobile Grocery Store

A mobile solution to food deserts. R&G Mobile Grocer is a 44 ft long enclosed trailer turned one aisle grocery store. Through our 14 weekly stops, we are able to serve 17,000 people a year. The mobile model allows us the flexibility to deliver access where it is most needed to increase our impact in the community. Want to visit our store? Click below to view our weekly schedule.



Providing healthy food choices to vulnerable populations through nutrition education and food preparation.

Micro Grocery Stores

Micro Grocery Stores are small and mighty. With less than 500 sq ft, our micro markets offer over 1000 grocery products and act as oases providing sustainable food access to the communities that they serve.


Food reclamation

Recovering food waste to feed people, livestock, and the soil.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”




Get Involved

Neighbors helping neighbors. HCSI relies on the generous support of our wider Tulsa community to help keep our programming in place. Thank you for all your help Tulsa. It takes people to make a real change.


Volunteer opportunities

We could not run our programming without the help of our amazing volunteers!

Make a Donation

All donations help us to maintain our existing programs, and expand our reach to even more people.