Addressing Access

Quality access to nutritious food should not be a luxury. In Tulsa County, 19% of our population are living in food deserts and 45% live in low access areas. For the people living in these food deserts, food scarcity is a real concern. Food access is especially a threat to the seniors, and children in our community,who are particularly vulnerable to nutrition deficiencies. Access to nutritious food has a profound effect on health outcomes. Populations living in food deserts in Tulsa have as much as a 10 year lower life expectancy than populations living in areas with bountiful food access.

Through our simple and sustainable approaches, we aim to change the way Tulsa eats by expanding access to food insecure communities. Our programs have a three pronged approach. Our mobile store acts as 14 different stores by making scheduled weekly stops in areas with limited access. In 2018 we served 17,000 customers through our mobile store. Our micro grocery program sets up small brick and mortar locations inside of communities that we have identified through our mobile store as being capable of sustaining a small full time store. This provides extended and regular access to these communities. Our Healthy Picks Produce Stand Program provides already existing convenience stores located in food deserts with fresh produce stands. This allows expanded access to produce in vulnerable communities using already existing infrastructure.

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R&G Mobile Grocer

A mobile solution to food deserts. R&G Mobile Grocer is a 44 ft long enclosed trailer turned one aisle grocery store. Through our 14 weekly stops, we are able to serve 17,000 people a year. The mobile model allows us the flexibility to deliver access where it is most needed to increase our impact in the community. Want to visit our store? Click below to view our weekly schedule.

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Micro Grocery

Micro Grocery Stores are small and mighty. With less than 500 sq ft, our micro markets offer over 1000 grocery products and act as oases providing sustainable food access to the communities that they serve.

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Healthy Picks Convenient Stands

Our convenient produce stands work in partnership with local entrepreneurs to provide small produce stands inside of convenience stores. This program expands fresh food access by utilizing pre-existing infrastructure and local partners.