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To enhance the health of Oklahomans by providing access to quality, fresh food through healthy community stores, nutrition education, economic opportunities and community revitalization.


Tulsa’s Food Access Epidemic

45% of Tulsa lives with Low Access and 17% Live in Food Deserts, areas of both low-access and low-income.

In 2017 HCSI provided access to 17,000 Tulsans through the mobile and micro grocery stores.

What are you going to do?


Vulnerable Populations

10% of seniors, and 25% of all children in Oklahoma are food insecure.

By bringing access closer to seniors and families, HCSI makes nutritious food available in areas of scarcity.


Increasing Independence

Mobility issues, health issues and limited access to transportation often act as barriers to quality food access. By providing small brick and mortar stores inside of vulnerable communities, HCSI is able to provide sustainable access to otherwise under-served populations.

“This has really changed the way people eat here. It used to be, for most of us, fruits and vegetables were too expensive…The majority of the people who live here don’t have vehicles and have to rely on someone else, which is OK, but it takes away something when you have to rely on somebody else.”

-Carol Bellaw, Volunteer at Pythian Market Micro Grocery

What are you doing to help?

In 2018, HCSI expanded access to 17,000 people. Donate today to provide access to even more Tulsans. Together we can change the way Tulsa eats.