Katie Plohocky, MBA

FOUNDER/ President/Executive Director

Born and raised on a farm in Michigan, I have been playing in the dirt since I could crawl.  Food security and access to healthy food is very important to me.  As a single mom of three, I know what it is like to find a way to feed my children when I had no money, even though I was working two jobs.   I have been cooking since I was big enough to sit on the counter and help my grandmother bake on the farm.  I spent 15 years in the restaurant business before coming to Tulsa. I have spent 19 years in commercial real estate and development.  I love being able to integrate all my passions of growing, cooking, and economic development.   


Scott Smith

Founder/Vice Preseident/Operations Director


Smith operated a neighborhood based small grocery store, The BlueJackalope Grocery & Coffee, near downtown Tulsa for several years. He also created "pop-up" grocery stores for each of the Tulsa Young Professionals Street Cred events showcasing emerging lifestyle areas of Tulsa. Through his work as a grocer, he became involved with the food insecurity issues facing Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma.

Smith has spoken on a broad range of grocery store related issues in north and west Tulsa, at two Rural Grocery Initiative conferences at Kansas State University, as well as before the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee at the Oklahoma State Capitol. He has been cited in articles pertaining to food security and has Op-Ed pieces published in The Oklahoma Eagle, Tulsa World, Urban Tulsa Weekly, and The Journal Record.

Through his work, research and reputation, Smith has developed an extensive network of resources and contacts in the areas of regional agriculture, food security, supply chain management and nutrition.


Bill Picrure.JPG

William Harris

Board Member

Born in Kirksville, Missouri. Bill challenged a small town from the beginning.   He has lived in over 20 cities, gathering ideas to incorporate into his life menu.   From Tulsa to Chicago, Tokyo and San Diego, his passion has always been food - good food.  His Thyme Bistro was a staple for seven years until he got a corporate nudge and ran Child Nutrition programs for outlining school districts.  His newest endeavor rests at the locally owned Reasor's Grocery as a part of the creative engine for their flagship store on Brookside.  He is proud to be a part of the local food movement found in HCSI to continue outreach and solution to food insecurity.


Chris Schnelle



Schnelle works at Sysco and studied Culinary Arts at the Culinary Institute of America.


Kristen McCormick



Kristen started SHIKOBA Recycling in December of 2008 after being layed off from her job as an operational geological consultant.  She is a jack of all trades kind of gal.  She has done everything from working in the oil field to rescuing horses and making the planet a nicer place to live and work is one of her main passions.  She has had the privilege of speaking on the topic of recycling, waste diversion and sustainability at many events, forums, and panel discussions.  She's a major dog lover and if you are nice, she will even share her home-grown tomatoes with you.