R&G Mobile Store full of customers at our Hewgley Terrace Stop.

R&G Mobile Store full of customers at our Hewgley Terrace Stop.

Our Impact


Fig. 1

Breakdown of Sales:

R&G Family Grocers is open to the public and takes all forms of payments including cash, debit/credit cards, SNAP, Osage WIC, Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, Double Up Oklahoma tokens, and several other incentive programs.  SNAP sales makes up 61% of our sales and 21% of sales consist of produce given away through our double up food bucks program stretching family food dollars with healthy local produce.   


2018 Sales By Payment Type



SNAP Sales


Double UP Food Bucks


Other sales and incentives



Fig. 2

Sales have increased consistently each year: 

Annual sales in 2014 were 47,000 with SNAP representing 6,400 and DUFB representing 3,800 of total sales.  We increase sales in 2015 to 110,000 with SNAP representing 33,700 and DUFB representing 15,000 in total sales.  In 2016 sales were 152,000 with 55,000 in SNAP and 32,000 in DUFB Sales of total sales. In 2017 sales increased again to 191,000 with SNAP representing 77,000 of total sales and 40,000 in DUFB. 2018 has been our best year yet with 212,500 in total sales, 81,000 in SNAP sales and 45,000 in DUFB.


Annual Sales



Fig. 3

Number of customers served:

We served 5,213 customers in 2014, increasing that number to 10,633 in 2015.  In 2016 we served 13,429. In 2017 we served 16,017 people. In 2018 we served 16,582 people in our mobile store and added Pythian Micro Grocery where we served an additional 1,116 people for a total of 17,698 people served in 2018. The increase in customers has been related to increasing the number of dedicated stops each week.  We are currently serving 14 locations each week.  We also participate in community outreach through attending wellness festivals, school classes, cooking demonstrations, and health events across Tulsa.  These numbers are not reflected in this chart.  We touched over 20,000 residents in 2018 through our community outreach efforts. 


Customers Served




Tracking sales and number of residents served helps us determine the success of our program, the addition of new stop locations and micro grocery stores and determine new goals for serving and reaching more residents to increase access to real good food.